I used to have cancer… Past tense.  I have always been a strong believer in natural medicine solutions.  

When choosing to go the natural medicine path, the problem has always been to figure out the underlying root of the disease. When I was diagnosed with cancer last year, this was exactly my problem. I knew that I would choose the natural medicine path, but did not know how to identify the root causes. Through biofeedback, I discovered the many, many stress factors that contributed to my diseased state. 

I had malabsorption syndrome and was not getting the nutrients I needed to maintain my immune system. I was eating and drinking things that were incompatible with my system and causing inflammation. I had suppressed some negative emotions that were throwing off the balance of my organs. I had picked up some pathogens that were also stressing my immune system, and due to lack of exercise, my lymph had become stagnate.   

Knowledge is power. By using biofeedback to reduce all those stress factors, and adding some supplements and therapies to address these stressors identified in my biofeedback sessions, I had amazing results. It is now a year after my diagnosis and I have used only natural medicine to address my health challenges.  Biofeedback was, and still is, the foundation of everything I have done.  

I am cancer free and I know I will be able to stay that way because I continue to use biofeedback to monitor my health and correct stressors before they can become a problem. I continue to experience additional benefits to my health beyond freedom from cancer because my body is coming more into balance with each session.

Patrick Hatten

I have had a terrible case of psoriasis for over three years now. It covers major portions of my body, and I recently realized that my arthritic issues were probably caused by it, too. 

Luckily, I crossed paths with Stephanie and her amazing biofeedback system. We are still fairly early in the process, but my joint issues are loads better for a week or two after our sessions and, while it still covers a lot of me, I'm beginning to see a difference in the behavior of my bane that is psoriasis.

And she has helped me so much more than that by continuing to target major underlying health problems that I didn't even know about. Biofeedback has helped me learn about myself.    


Biofeedback has enabled me to control and alleviate stressors that have may have otherwise increased my risk of illness due to Lyme Disease and this type of training/therapy has improved my quality of life because of my body being balanced with the frequencies needed for it to heal itself and now I am daily becoming a healthier version of my true self.